Youth Prevention & Guardian Program

MR (short for Maze and Riddle) is committed to prevent and discourage the use of e-cigarettes by minors and people who are not smokers or vapers through the 'Guardian Program'. This Program is a company-wide initiative that stretches from product development to sales, through concerted efforts with retailers to step up on-site identification. IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT US ABOUT A YOUTH PREVENTION ISSUE OR FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR POLICIES PLEASE EMAIL INFO@VAPLENTY.COM Guardian program initiatives MR products are not for people who do not smoke or vape or anyone underage and will be controlled tightly to avoid misuse. We support effective legislation and regulation to prevent the purchase and use of our products by minors. Our packaging includes a prominent nicotine label which reads "This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical." We market our products responsibly, following strict guidelines to have material directed toward adult smokers and not to youth audiences. We do not use cartoons, youth-oriented celebrities, or models who are under the age of 21 in our marketing material. We also do not feature in our promotional material any lifestyle activities that would appeal to the youth in particular. Our marketing material contain three elements: (1) a Health Warning, printed voluntarily in many countries where such warnings are not required by law; (2) our Guardian Program logo; and (3) a line indicating that our products are for existing adult smokers and vapers only. MR’s official website (VAPLENTY.COM) is age-gated to make sure minors are not able to access and purchase MR products online. We are harnessing advanced technology to complement the Guardian Program. We do our utmost to promote the Guardian Program among our stakeholders and business partners in order to maximise its positive influence. We educate our commercial partners to implement the Guardian Program. We have reseller terms that include monitoring and penalties for noncompliance with underage restrictions.


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November 2021